Get a Tutor for a Class

Our Tutors are fun, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Get one for yourself!

Past experiences have proven that tutors can make a significant difference in a client's final grade. Check out the tutoring statistics to learn more about tutoring and grades, subject demand, etc.

Tutoring is available to all current Xavier students in almost every subject taught at Xavier. If, for some reason, you request tutoring in a subject for which tutors are unavailable, someone from the LAC will contact you ASAP.

Students requesting a tutor need to fill out an Intake form, including a Learning Styles Inventory.  Forms can be completed on line or at our office during office hours.  Students will hear from the LAC within the next full business day (at the beginning of the semester, give us an extra day). We will email you with an appointment time and date.

You must attend the initial appointment in order to schedule any additional appointments. In addition, if you do not attend this initial appointment, it will be considered a no-show and will be recorded as such in our records.

All tutoring services with the LAC are free. However, just because it is free doesn't mean that clients (or tutors) aren't expected to show up for tutoring sessions! Clients and tutors should give 24-hour advance notification for cancellations. Tutors don't like to be stood up! For other expectations and rights of clients and tutors, please read the Tutor-Client Bill of Rights.

So, you think you can handle a tutor of your own? Start here with the Intake form.

*Please note that tutoring is available to Xavier students only.