Get a Tutor for a Class

Our Tutors are fun, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.  Get one for yourself!

Tutoring is available to all current Xavier students in almost every subject taught at Xavier.

Students can request a tutor by completing a request form online or in our office in CLC 514 during office hours.  You can meet with a tutor for up to one hour per week. Please note that we usually give our tutors 2 business days notice for a scheduled appointment, so plan accordingly.  Please also provide as much availability as possible on your request form.

Once we receive your request, we will schedule an appointment and email you the date and time.  We try to contact you within a business day, but may need some additional time at the beginning of the semester.

You must attend the initial appointment in order to schedule any additional appointments. We will also review our attendance policy with you during your initial session.

All tutoring services with the LAC are free. However, we expect that you will  give your tutor 24-hour advance notification if you cannot make an appointment.

*Please note that tutoring is available to Xavier students only.