What Former Students Have Said about SI

  • "SI really helped. As I got older I understood how much it could help, and it made me wish I had used it more when I was younger."
  • "Very helpful, and great insight as to how and what to study."
  • "I attended for o chem second semester and it helped a ton! I feel stupid for not doing it throughout my career at Xavier!"
  • "I went because I needed to do so.  Chemistry just didn't click well.  SI provided tips."
  • "SI is a wonderful tool for science students. It really helped me prepare for tests and review material."
  • "They were great ways to review in a more relaxed setting. The instructors were very helpful and knew the material well."
  • "SI was an excellent tool! I feel like it really helped me to fully comprehend the material."
  • "Best part of the first two years. Definitely a must have."
  • "Attending SI helped me study in advance.  It was really beneficial because it prevented me from cramming the night before.  Also, I was able to ask questions that I might not have thought of in class.  It was also nice because the instructor had the teacher before and was able to offer advice based on their past experiences."
  • "Used it for gen chem. Made adjusting to college easier and I found the material fairly difficult. I did fine in O Chem and biology without them, though I know others that found in particular the O Chem sessions helpful. Even though I didn't use them for all the courses that they are offered for, I think they are still a great idea."
  • "I have loved SI.  I went on to teach SI for general biology, and it has been one of the best opportunities that I have had at Xavier.  Reflecting back on freshman year, I realized that most of my close friends that I have today were in my SI sessions freshman and sophomore year!"
  • "Organic Chemistry was freaking hard!  The Supplemental Instruction for that course was a must, and is certainly what allowed me to do well in the course and not fail."
  • "I found the review of information with peers and in a different context to be helpful and it improved my test scores."
  • "SI is the reason I did so well. (My A&P SI leader) was awesome. She really listened to our questions and answered them. She had great worksheets."
  • "The (A&P) SI leader was great. She made it interactive which was more helpful than Q&A. Also the worksheets were beneficial."
  • "I loved having a set time each week where I knew I would just focus on Anatomy."
  • "The extra worksheets really helped and going was a good way to make me study (for A&P)."
  • "This was an extremely helpful experience.  More people should have taken advantage of it."

How about you? What will you say about SI?