Tutor Job Description

What does a Peer Tutor do? The following is a short list of what is expected of LAC Peer Tutors:

  • Tutor at least five hours per week. Schedule, prepare for, and be prompt in arriving to client sessions.
  • Develop a professional, honest, caring, and comfortable relationship with clients.
  • Be attentive to client needs, especially as pertains to study skills.
  • Follow office procedures and complete all necessary paperwork, including an evaluation of each tutoring session.
  • Complete tutor training, approximately 10 (paid) initial hours during the first semester of employment.
  • Check e-mail daily to learn about scheduled appointments or LAC updates.
  • Attend MANDATORY Tutor meetings every other Monday at 3:00 PM (Commons Hour).
  • Maintain high academic standards, including a 3.3 GPA in subjects tutored and a 3.0 GPA overall.