Talk to your professor

Your professors want to help you do well in your courses.  If you are having difficulty understanding something and need additional explanation, then your professor is the person to talk to!  If you are concerned about assignments, attendance, or grades, then it's time to visit your professor in their office.

Here are a few suggestions to get the most from your visit to your professor's office:

  • Know your professor's office hours.  Check your syllabus for your professor's contact information, office location, and office hours.
  • Drop by your professor's office during their office hours, that is your professor's best time to meet. 
  • If you can't attend their office hours, make an appointment to visit your professor.  Talk to your professor before or after class to make an appointment.  Otherwise, email or call them.  Be sure to leave all of your contact information and your availability for a meeting when you contact them.
  • Be prepared.  Do as much of your studying or assignment, and arrive with a clear set of questions.
    • Make notes.  Write down what you want to talk about before your meeting.  Take notes while you meet as well.
    • Bring your materials.  Bring your textbook, tests, notes, etc.  Your professor may want to review these with you to help you study more effectively.
  • Don't be nervous!  Professors want students to do well, and they are available to help.