Process for Requesting Accommodations

To register with The Learning Assistance Center students should provide documentation to our office, complete an intake form, and schedule a meeting with Cassandra Jones, Assistant Director, Disability Services.  At this meeting the Assistant Director will discuss the process for completing documentation and the need for students to update their status with the Learning Assistance Center each term by completing an Accommodations Request Form.  It is recommended that students complete this process well in advance of when the accommodations will be needed.  Without adequate notice of the need for accommodation, the staff in the Learning Assistance Center cannot ensure the accommodation will be in place when needed.  Once students have completed the initial meeting with the Assistant Director, Disability Services a Student-Faculty Agreement will be completed by the Assistant Director.  This Student-Faculty Agreement form will be given to the student who will then meet with each professor to discuss his/her accommodations.  The signed Student-Faculty Agreement will then be returned by the student to The Learning Assistance Center. The Accommodations Request Form and the Student-Faculty Agreement are completed by the student each term.

Note:  For those students enrolled in online courses and who live outside the Cincinnati area, the intake appointment will be conducting via the telephone.  Also, the Student-Faculty Agreement will be scanned and e-mailed to students after the intake process has been completed.