LAC Test Taking Guidelines

The LAC only proctors exams/quizzes for Xavier students who are registered with Disability Services and are taking Xavier courses. These guidelines must be followed in order to take an exam/quiz in the LAC.

All academic policies are in effect at the LAC. If there is any academic dishonesty, or suspicion of academic dishonesty, the exam/quiz will be confiscated immediately and returned to the professor with an explanatory note. Also, your exam/quiz privileges at the LAC will be suspended.

Prior to Scheduling Your Exams / Quizzes in the LAC

Meet with your professors to sign the Student/Faculty Accommodations Agreement. To address questions you may have during the exam/quiz, ask the instructor to include contact information with the exam/quiz so that the LAC can attempt to contact him/her on your behalf.

Your professor should indicate the following on a note with the exam/quiz:

  • The day and time the professor expects you to take the exam/quiz.
  • If a calculator, notes, or books are allowed during the exam/quiz.
  • How the professor would like the exam/quiz returned (campus mail, fax, scanned/emailed or professor pick up).
  • Inform your instructor that pop quizzes can be arranged by contacting the LAC.

Scheduling Exams / Quizzes at the LAC

You must sign up to take a test at least three (3) working days in advance.

If your exam/quiz is on this day: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
You must sign up by 5:00 p.m. on this day: Wednesday (of the previous week) Thursday (of the previous week) Friday (of the previous week) Monday Tuesday

An e-mail will be sent to the professor with the date and time you will be taking the exam/quiz in the LAC.

Final Exams must be scheduled three (3) weeks in advance.

How to Sign Up

You may schedule your test through ClockWork.  Directions are available here.  You can also sign up for a test in our office in CLC 514.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 513-745-3280.

Late Sign Ups

The first time you fail to sign up for testing in the LAC three (3) days prior to your exam/quiz, you will be given a warning.  Any additional time you fail to provide a three (3) day notice, you will not be permitted to take that exam/quiz in the LAC and will have to either take it in the class or make arrangements with your professor to receive your accommodations.

Day of the Test

Reserve a locker for your belongings from the circulation desk on the 3rd floor of the CLC by presenting your all card. Lockers are available on the 2nd floor with smaller lockers on the 3rd floor. The locker rental is free. Bring your student ID with you each time you take an exam/quiz at the LAC. Cell phones and electronic devices are NOT allowed in the testing area. Once your exam has begun, you will not be permitted to leave the testing area for any reason. Only authorized exam materials outlined by the professor will be permitted in the testing room.

Late Arrival

Your exam/quiz time begins at the time your exam/quiz is scheduled. If you arrive late (within 30 minutes) you will have the remainder of your allotted time to complete your test. However, if you are thirty (30) minutes late, you will not be permitted to take the exam/quiz and will need to make arrangements to take it with your professor.  If you fail to show for a scheduled exam/quiz, the exam/quiz will be returned to the professor with a note.

Exam / Quiz Taking Guidelines

You must take the exam/quiz at the same time the class is scheduled to take the exam/quiz. Any day or time change to the exam/quiz time will require professor and LAC approval. For evening classes, exams/quizzes are proctored in the LAC during business hours preferably prior to the original exam/quiz administration.

  • Students forfeit the opportunity to take the exam/quiz in the LAC if he/she does not take the exam/quiz at the original scheduled time (except for class conflicts). These students must then make arrangements to take that exam/quiz with the professor.
  • Exams/quizzes are administered in the LAC Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. You must finish your exam/quiz by closing time. This means you must make sure that you begin your exam/quiz early enough to finish by 5:00 PM.
  • There are times when the testing rooms are full, which means that if you have not signed up to take the exam/quiz in advance, then we may not be able to accommodate you and you will be required to make arrangements to take it with your professor.
  • The LAC does not proctor make up or rescheduled exams/quizzes. If you miss an exam/quiz, you must make arrangements to take it with your professor.

A copy of the test administration form will be returned to the professor with the test.