Guidelines for Students Using C-Print and/or Interpreting Services


  1. A formal request for interpreting/c-print services must be made by the student to the Assistant Director, Learning Assistance Center, Disability Services located in Suite 514 Conaton Learning Commons (CLC).
The following communication methods can be used to make a request :
  1. Your class schedule should be in the LAC three weeks prior to the start of the semester. You can bring it to the office, mail it or email class schedule as an attachment to
Registering for classes can be done up to the start of the semester.  HOWEVER, THE EARLIER YOU REGISTER FOR CLASSES AND SUBMIT YOUR SCHEDULE, THE BETTER the LAC IS ABLE TO make arrangements with the vendor to meet YOUR ACCOMMODATION NEEDS.
If your schedule should change for any reason , it is your responsibility to submit the changes to the Assistant Director, Learning Assistance Center, Disability Services. Failure to do so may delay your accommodations.
  1. Requests for specific interpreters will be honored if possible, but is not guaranteed.

Punctuality and Absence

·         You are required to be on time for all classes. After waiting 15 minutes the Interpreter/c-printer is free to leave.
·         If you are going to be absent from class or a meeting for which you have requested services, it is your responsibility to notify the LAC at least 24 hours prior to the start of class or meeting.
·         If you have an 8:00 A.M. class and know the night before that you will be absent please contact the interpreter/c-print provider and cc:
Students having three (3) occurrences of being absent from a class without notifying the LAC 24 hours in advance will have interpreting/c-printing services discontinued for that class.  After three (3) absences in one class without proper notification you must schedule an appointment to meet with Cassandra Jones in the LAC by calling (513) 745-3003 or e-mailing at to have the services reinstated.