Faculty Role in Assisting Students

Your Role in Assisting Students with Disabilities

Assisting students does not mean lowering standards or expectations. A grade should reflect the student's academic performance with due allowance for adjustments. The following are guidelines for working with disabilities:

  • Take early and gentle initiative in seeking an ongoing dialogue with the student about the ways in which you can be supportive. Often the student with the disability can be your best resource. The staff at the LAC encourages the student to do the same.
  • The Learning Assistance Center is an excellent resource. If a student requests accommodations, refer him/her to this office to coordinate all requests. It is not recommended that the faculty member provide accommodations without the knowledge and participation of the LAC.
  • Review Xavier's emergency procedures so that you respond appropriately when assisting students with disabilities during an emergency.
  • All students are ultimately responsible for their own academic achievement. Each student must be responsible for class attendance, assignments, and all other course materials. It is up to the individual student to seek outside help and to utilize agreed upon classroom adjustments.
  • If you suspect that a student might have a learning or other disability, contact the LAC for advice on whether and how best to refer a student to our Center.

Syllabus Statement

All instructors are encouraged to include in their syllabus a statement inviting students with disabilities to meet with the staff in The Learning Assistance Center to discuss making arrangements for accommodations. The statement creates a collaborative vehicle for making legally mandated accommodations and serves as a reminder to students who need the accommodations that these arrangements need to be made.

Here is a sample syllabus statement:

Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a documented disability should contact the Learning Assistance Center at 513-745-3280 on the Fifth Floor of the Conaton Learning Commons, Room 514, to coordinate reasonable accommodations.