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See and hear Fr. Michael Graham SJ, Xavier University President, in this 2-minute excerpt from his keynote address at the 18th annual Salute to Catholic School Alumni, in Louisville, KY.

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World Religions - Catholic Christianity - Marie Giblin, Ph.D.World Religions : Catholic-Christianity

Marie Giblin, Ph.D.

See and hear Marie Giblin, Ph.D., former chair of the Theology Department at Xavier University, addressing Christianity-Catholicism in this 2-minute excerpt from an Understanding World Religions seminar presentation.


World Religions - Catholic Christianity - Marie Giblin, Ph.D.Mass of the Holy Spirit

John Larocca, S.J.

See and hear Father Larocca, S.J. consider the relationship between the Mass of the Holy Spirit and the mission.


Gaudium Et Spes

Dr. Christopher Pramuk

See and hear Dr. Chris Pramuk talk about the history, themes, and relevance of Gaudium Et Spes for today.


Gaudium Et Spes and War

Sean Rhiney

Hear Sean Rhiney, Director of the Eigel Center at Xavier University, speak of the correlation between Gaudium Et Spes and war, reflected upon his recent visit to the Newseum in Washington D.C.