Women's Ignatian Leadership Salon

The "who," "how," "what," and "why" of the retreat:
Women = Leaders from across the University.
Ignatian = Taking time to reflect on personal experience to enhance self-awareness and insight.
Leadership = Influencing ability.
Salon = A gathering to "increase the knowledge of participants through

The goal is to strengthen leadership skills and confidence through personal
reflection, small group conversation, and peer support.

         So Few (Academic) Women Leaders
         The 10 Worst Stereotypes About Powerful Women      
 Women Leadership Styles 
         23 Traits of Good Leaders     
Men or Women: Who's the Better Leader?

 Women in "A Corner Office" (or All Advice is Autobiographical!)

          I Don't Need an Ivory Tower (or an Office)     
          A Job Description Is Just the Start    
          When Running a Meeting, Speak Last          
To Succeed, Fly Like a Bumblebee
          Eat Your Sushi, and Expand Your Horizons         
On Mutual Accountability

Culture, Ethnicity, Race, Sexual Identity, Socialization
          African-American Female Leadership Styles
          Gay and Lesbian College Presidents Go Public With Web Video
          So We Leaned In... Now What?   
          The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits Of Women              
The Power of Talk         
The Women Who Do It All But Don't Have It All

           Female Academics Dress Masculine in Order to be "Taken Seriously"
           How Much Personal Information Should You Share at Work?
           How to Promote Women in Leadership Roles
           Maximizing the Performance Review
Moving the Needle: Increasing the Number of Women College Presidents
           Possible Path to Closing Pay Gap
           The Baby Penalty
Trust Rules: The Most Important Secret About Trust
           Women and Academic Leadership: Leaning Out   
           Is being assertive at work harmful for your career?
           You Are Probably Better Than You Think 
5 Reasons it's So Hard to Give Tough Performance Feedback 

          Magis-Driven Heroic Leadership is a Daily Personal Pursuit
          Seven Lessons from Pope Francis  - not for Catholics only!
  Pope Francis Reveals Top 10 Secrets to Happiness
          Real Engagement with Ignatian Spirituality in the Professoriate
          Spirituality and the Professoriate (A National Study)

Recommended Reading by Saloners
         Approaching Balance in an Academic Life
         Executive Women, Finding (and Owning) Their Voice
         Men Had Their Chance 
         Fostering Women Leaders: A Fitness Test for your Top Team
         5 Things Women Leaders Should Stop Doing
         A Family-Friendly Policy That's Friendliest to Male Professors