Online Seminars 

Understanding Our Heritage, Living the Mission

This series provides a brief overview about Jesuit heritage and education. Each section includes a two-minute video, selected readings and reflection questions. We hope that you find it useful for orienting faculty, staff and students.


Taking Time to Reflect

An e-seminar series offering veteran faculty the opportunity to reflect, in an Ignatian way, on their vocation and personal life.



Conversations on Catholic Identity at a Jesuit University

An e-seminar series providing insight to Catholic identity and traditions at a Jesuit university. The series contains seminars covering what it means to be a Catholic university and how Catholic traditions affect education.



Assuring Our Ignatian Mission and Identity

This seminar series will provide an indepth understanding of our Ignatian mission and identity as a Jesuit university.  It includes a series of weekly readings, videos, and reflection questions that can be used for discussion over 4 academic semesters.