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Ignatian Spirituality and Race

Dr. Christopher Pramuk, Associate Professor of Theology at Xavier University, discusses cultural acceptance and understanding and Ignatian spirituality through the music of Stevie Wonder.

Ignatian Spirituality - The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God

Ignatian Spirituality and Art
Adsum: Contemporary Paintings on Ignatian Spirituality

Holly Schapker

                                                      Holly Schapker, an artist and Xavier University alumna, shares her exhibition. For more                                                            information on Holly's work, visit: www.hollyschapker.com.

Ignatian Spirituality - The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God

Ignatian Spirituality: The World is Charged with the Grandeur of God

Debra Mooney, PhD and George Traub SJ

Watch a brief video describing the heart of Ignatian spirituality - "finding God in all things". The clip can also be read here.


Ignatian Spirituality - Ignatian Spirituality and SexualityIgnatian Spirituality and Sexuality

Produced by Jennifer Beste PhD, Xavier's 2010 Conway Faculty Fellow

Watch and listen to spiritual directors discuss the impact of Ignatian spirituality on romantic and sexual relationships. This 18 minute video, centered around 6 questions, is a useful resource for educators working to impact the "hook-up" culture.


Keeping Ignatian Heritage Alive - Fr. Michael Graham, S.J.Keeping Ignatian Heritage Alive

Michael Graham, S.J.

Fr. Michael J. Graham, S.J., President of Xavier University, discusses the significance of St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises in keeping Jesuit ideals alive on campuses in an era where the number of available Jesuits is declining.


Performing Arts and Ignatian Spirituality

Dr. Tom Merrill and Mr. Stephen Skiles

See and hear Dr. Tom Merill and Mr. Stephen Skiles discuss the relationship between performing arts and the Jesuit mission