Faculty Pedagogy

Tim Brownlee, Philosophy - Imagination and Experience: Conscience and Moral Reflection in Ignation Pedagogy

Minnie Catral, Mathematics - Mathematics and Democracy - Student Reflections on the Case for Quantitative Literacy

Karen Enriquez, Theology - Theological Foundations: The Four Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises in THEO 111

Tamara Giluk, Management - Teaching to the Mission: Exploring the Role of Jesuit Values in the Experience of Work

Michelle Hall, Counseling - Exploring Cura Personalis with Daily Mindfulness Practice in an Advanced Counseling Skills Course

Supapron Kradtap, Chemistry - Green Analytical Chemistry: Teaching Towards Sustainable and Responsible Choices

Lisa Jutte, Sports Studies - Reflection on the Integration of Ignation Pedagogy into an Athletic Training Course

Russell Lacey, Marketing - Reflection into Student's Views on CSR as Consumers

Lisa Ottum, English - Reading with Heart and Mind, the Problem: Integrating Students' Affective Responses to Literature into Literature Courses

David Rodick, Philosophy - The Life of Saint Ignatius: Philosophical and Pedagogical Implications

Jessalynn Strauss, Communication Arts - Turning Discernment Inward

James Wood, Philosophy - The Jesuit Understanding of a Liberal Arts Education

Bin Yu, Political Science - How Do Jesuit Values Matter in a Political Science Class?

Trudelle Thomas, English (mentor) - Discernment, Orienteering, and the Education for Desire: Practical Guidance for Making Decisions