Data Standards

The most up-to-date version of the Data Standards document for the STARS Project, our Banner implementation is available here. The current release is Version 1.005. Employees requesting access to the Banner system should complete the Administrative Access Request Form.

For Data Custodians

  • Request for Class Modification Form PDF | Word
  • Draft version of Access Control List PDF | Word
  • Administrative Access Request Form Cheat Sheet PDF | Word
  • Workflow Request for Role Modification PDF | Word

Banner General

Banner General contains systems common to all Banner Modules. With but a handful of exceptions, all employees who work with Banner directly have access to some portions of it. The majority of users will have need only of directory information. The following forms may be found useful.

  • SOAIDEN - Search by name to find Banner ID.
  • SOADDRQ - Address query.
  • SPATELE - Telephone numbers.
  • GOAEMAL - Email addresses.
  • GUAIMGE - Photographs. See instructions for use. PDF | Word