Administrative Access Request Form


The employee must have MyXU access prior to receiving access to other systems. The USER NAME is the name required for login.

A separate form is required for each module for which access is requested. The Data Custodian is the only person who can grant access to a particular module.

Provide as much information as possible in the documentation supporting a request. In particular,

  1. for access to the financial system orgs and fund numbers are required,
  2. list the specific tasks that must be supported,
  3. list the department(s) to be covered,
  4. if possible, identify someone who's role can serve as a model for this request,
  5. indicate if access is to be query or update

The employee supervisor completes the upper section of the Form and forwards it and supporting documentation to the appropriate Data Custodian. The names of the data custodians are listed after the modules or areas for which each has responsibility. A complete list of Data Custodians may be found in Section 1.7 of the Data Standards Manual.

The Data Custodian determines access and training required.

  1. Should access be denied, an appeal may be made to the AITC committee by following the procedure described in Section 1.3 of the Data Standards Manual.
  2. Should training be required, the Data Custodian supplies the employee and supervisor with training contact information. It is the responsibility of the Data Custodian to contact the Database Administrator (DBA) so that access may be granted to the training system.

The Data Custodian will notify the employee with information to access the production system.