The waivers posted on this site are the only forms approved by Xavier University and may not be modified or changed in any way.

Please read all instructions before you use the waivers posted on this site for the first time. 

On the left navigation, please click on Instructions for Using Waivers.  Within the Instructions for Using Waivers, you will find a link to access a pdf form of the various waivers.  The Instructions will help you determine which waiver form is appropriate to your activity or event.

The following information is provided to assist you step-by-step with:

  1. Determining whether you need waivers for your specific activity or for your group;
  2. Helping you select the proper paperwork, if you need waivers; and
  3. Explaining how to prepare and use the paperwork that you need.
  4. Retention of Forms.

Using documents and information provided on this site does not give you permission for your particular trip or activity. That permission must come from the appropriate University department or office before you may use these forms.

Please review all of the information provided on the Instructions for Using Waivers link to answer any questions you might have. If you are still unable to determine what you should do, please contact Mary Beth Townsley as soon as possible before you need your waivers so she may have ample time to assist you.

For international waivers, please contact Mary Beth Townsley.

Mary Beth Townsley
Coordinator, Risk Management and Insurance Programs
Xavier University          (513) 745-2090 | E-mail