Survey Support

Xavier University's Office of Institutional Research provides leadership in developing and implementing the University's institutional research and assessment plan to support institutional planning, policy analysis, and program improvement. In order to maximize the University's research and assessment efforts, Institutional Research coordinates and supports university survey projects that collect student, alumni, faculty, and/or staff feedback.  Our services are intended to optimize the quality of study conducted, minimize survey fatigue, ensure optimal response rates, and promote efficient use of resources by combining when appropriate the research/assessment needs of individual units and the institution. 

Faculty and staff may request consultation for:

  • Survey design or item construction
  • Online survey administration
  • Data analysis
  • Identifying contact information for targeted population

To request survey assistance, please complete a Survey Request Form (link below) at least two weeks in advance of the intended date of launching survey. If IRB approval is required (please see below), documentation of your survey's "Approved" or "Exempt" status must be submitted as part of your Survey Request Form. Please be aware that survey administration plans may need to be adjusted to avoid overlapping with other survey efforts. 

In determining whether your survey requires IRB approval, please see the IRB's FAQ ( and contact the IRB directly ( with any questions about how to initiate the review process.