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August 2009

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Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments

Poised on the edge of a new school year, the campus enjoys a few last moments of reflective quiet before the bustle and excitement of move-in day. Greg Rust, director for photography, seized some of those moments to provide some not-so-common looks at some very familiar scenes. His images remind us that no matter how you look at it, we work in a beautiful place. It's going to be a great year. August's Xavier Faces are Kim Costanzo, senior director for client services in the Office of Marketing and Printing Services, and James Buchanan, director of the Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue. And of course, we have our regular features as well. We invite you to send us your thoughts or suggestions.

Employee Recognition

Inside Xavier is pleased to spotlight the University's monthly Employee Recognition Program, which publicly recognizes individuals who consistently reflect our Jesuit mission in terms of being men and women for others, consistently go the extra mile in their efforts and consistently put Xavier's interests ahead of their own. This honor is part of a larger initiative of the President's Administrative Council to better inform, connect and recognize faculty, staff and administrators throughout the institution. Honorees are selected by the President's Cabinet. If you would like to nominate someone for employee recognition, fill out our nomination form.

Mary Ann MarcotteMary Ann Marcotte, Secretary, Department of Psychology
Mary Ann Marcotte consistently reflects the Jesuit mission, both in her work and in her life outside of Xavier. Faculty, staff and students know her as one who truly cares for others. This is mirrored in her extra efforts on behalf of coworkers suffering adverse circumstances and departmental demands around the re-accreditation of the doctoral program. Indeed, Mary Ann is recognized by many as the heart and soul of her department.

Mike NelsonMike Nelson, Professor, Department of Psychology
Mike Nelson has served on countless committees during his tenure at Xavier. In each instance, he has been a model of both preparation and the willingness to hear others' opinions in a courteous, respectful manner. Truly a man for others, his wonderful sense of humor makes those around him more comfortable, and his willingness to serve makes Xavier a better place to work.

Cindy StockwellCindy Stockwell, Executive Director-Undergraduate Program,
Williams College of Business

Cindy Stockwell enthusiastically embraces each of the many initiates that cross her desk, seeing them as opportunities to better the Williams College of Business. She faces challenges without hesitation, and her years of experience enable her to bring a wealth of information to any situation. Cindy has created a work environment that allows her staff to be proactive, and her openness encourages others to bring ideas forward. Cindy is truly an ambassador for Xavier.

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If you know a fellow employee who goes above and beyond
to make Xavier a better place for all,
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