To meet the demands of the 21st century, students must be able to use information technologies effectively. The information technology (IT) minor introduces students to the study of computer principles and techniques as they apply to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. The minor provides students with a working knowledge of computer technologies to support the management and use of management information systems, with a focus on the use of technology to support the decision making process. Because of its broad appeal, the minor in information technology is an excellent complement to any degree program, regardless of major.

Required Courses

6 credit hours:

  • Management of Information Technology (INFO 220)
  • Database Modeling and Management (INFO 358)


9 credit hours (choose three courses):

  • Global Information Systems
  • Hardware/Software Overview
  • Web Site Development
  • Visual Basic
  • Problem Solving with Excel
  • Modern Programming Techniques
  • Telecommunication/Networking
  • Contemporary MIS Issues
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Systems Analysis and Design Courses
  • One course with a significant IT content may be used to satisfy an elective with approval from the IS Department. (E.g. ACCT 495, FINC 485, CSCI Courses, or INFO Co-op)

A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these courses.

Certificate in Information Technology

A certificate in information technology is designed for students who are not pursuing a degree, but wish to continue their education by getting a certificate in the study of information systems. Requirements are identical to those of the IT Minor: 15 credit hours, including INFO 200 or its equivalent, INFO 358, and nine hours of information systems electives. A 2.00 cumulative average must be attained in these courses.

To learn more about the minor, contact:

Dr. Greg Smith

To declare the information technology minor, visit:

Undergraduate Office
Williams College of Business
Smith Hall, Room 120A

Phone 513 745-3131