Training and Resources

Blackboard: Course File Management

Course Files area

  • This new area is located below the Control Panel in the Course Menu.
    Instructors do not need to leave the course to access it.
  • All files that are uploaded to the course by the instructor are automatically uploaded to this new area.
  • Files uploaded by students do not appear in the Course Files area.

Control Panel

Uploading files or folders

  • Instructors can upload individual files or entire folders either by clicking the Browse button or by dragging items from the desktop to Course Files.
  • Changes made to any file in the Course Files area are also updated in other areas of the course. If a file is renamed or moved, any links to the file in the course remain intact.

Course Content

New 360 Degree View

The new 360 degree view allows instructors to see all of the places a given course file has been used, as well as the full path in the course to that content item. This feature is accessible within the Course Files by clicking on the clicking on the drop-down icon next to the file you wish to view, and selecting the 360 degree view option from the drop-down menu.