Instructional Design


Instructional design is a process by which learning needs are analyzed and instructional materials are systematically designed, developed, and delivered. Our instructional designers use modified backwards design, consisting of a combination of models to drive the process.

Instructional Design and Technology at Xavier

Instructional Designers and Technologists are available to assist faculty in the development of online, blended, and face-to-face instruction, which include use of Blackboard and a variety of technology tools for the creation of instructional material. Instructional Designers and Technologists can assist you with:

  • Ensuring assessments and learning activities align with measurable learning outcomes
  • Applying the appropriate pedagogy for the specific learning environment whether classroom, online, or blended
  • Relating effective ways of motivating and engaging students in activities designed for learning
  • Designing and developing educational materials to support the facilitator role
  • Assessing the cognitive value of various types of media that you may want to use in your course
  • Designing and creating multimedia or other educational materials to support active learning
  • Adapting instructional materials for alternative delivery methods, i.e. online
  • Fostering presence and community through motivating and engaging activities
  • Navigating the tool set provided within Blackboard, using the appropriate Blackboard tools most effectively
  • Determining innovative tools/practices most suitable for the desired type of learning and course delivery
  • Employing best practices in distance learning using quality standards
  • Ensuring Web-based course content is user friendly and accessible

Specific project directions include:

  • Course design
  • Blackboard course interface design
  • Unit/lesson creation
  • Quiz/assessment design
  • Scenarios/simulations and contextual learning development
  • Podcast/vodcast creation
  • Social media incorporation
  • Accessible content development
  • User testing to ensure site usability
  • Powerpoint presentations/narrated lectures
  • Interactivity design and production (blogs, Wikis, journals)