Respondus is a powerful exam creation tool that enables an instructor to create tests that can be either uploaded to a Canvas course or printed out.

Respondus offers all of the standard question formats as well as the ability to insert photos, calculated formulas, questions from other previously created Respondus exams, and questions from publisher text banks. Respondus is a much simpler text creation tool and has a simple "publishing wizard" that will quickly upload and deploy your exam to any Canvas course you are teaching.


Our license enables instructors to download the software from our own server (the "apps" drive) to your office or personal computer. The program is intuitive and very easy to use, and users may create exams while not connected to the internet or Xavier network.

  • Respondus Installation Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide
    This Quick Start Guide is three pages in length and contains the essential information for getting started with Respondus.
  • Respondus Test Bank Network
    Here you will find test banks for hundreds of the leading textbooks in higher education. The test banks are in a ready-to-use format and can be downloaded with Respondus for FREE by instructors who adopt a participating textbook.