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The Masters in Human Resource Development program's first group of students arrived in August 1992, although Xavier had a more traditional Master of Education in Personnel Training, Education & Development 1980-1992. There are over 750 HRD alumni and current students as of May 2014. Although many of them work in the Greater Cincinnati Area, we have international alums in Slovakia and Hungary, and alumni all over the US. We also have alumni who commuted to Cincinnati for the HRD Program from Cleveland, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, as well as Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. In fact, we've had students who have commuted from California, North Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Costa Rica! 

Our alumni are employed in just about every industry and type of job. Many advance in their organization after graduation, while some decide to use their enhanced skills in their current positions. Some want to remain specialists in their field, while others enjoy the generalist opportunities in management or human resources. We sponsor Alumni get-togethers for alumni and current HRD students to return and network with their colleagues. 

If you are an XU HRD alumnus or current HRD student, click on the following link, which will take you to your password-protected alumni page: XU HRD Alumni Only Page

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Here's some capsule information about each of our 21 groups of alumni. 

Class I (Graduated May 1994)

Class I, our charter group of students, graduated in May 1994. All 35 students had the "opportunity" to shape the direction of the HRD program at Xavier with their very constructive and welcome suggestions and insights into the field of HRD. We will always be thankful for their patience and good humor during the process of developing an innovative and responsive HRD curriculum!

Class II (Graduated August 1994)

Class II, was our first and only mid-year cohort. When we began the HRD program in August 1992, we had so many students on a waiting list that we decided to initiate another group starting in January 1993. Because we wanted to allow them to graduate in 1994, we compressed their schedule to 19 months. It was quite a hectic time, as the 32 students had to work through two summers and accomplished their program within a 19-month, rather than 21-month timeframe.

Class III (Graduated May 1995)

Class III 's 35 students were also caught in the hectic 1993-1994 year of three cohorts at once!

Class IV (Graduated May 1996)


Class V (Graduated May 1997)


Class VI (Graduated May 1998)


Class VII (Graduated May 1999)


Class VIII (Graduated May 13, 2000)


Class IX (Graduated May 19, 2001)


Class X (Graduated May 18, 2002)



Class XI (Graduated May 2003)


Class XII (Graduated May 15, 2004)


Class XIII (Graduated May 14, 2005)


Class XIV (Graduated May 13, 2006)


Class XV (Graduated May 19, 2007)


Class XVI (Graduated May 17, 2008)
Class XVII (Graduated May 16, 2009)

Class XVIII (Graduated May 15, 2010)

Class XIX (Graduated May 14, 2011)  

Class XX (Graduated May 12, 2012)


Class XXI (Graduated May 11, 2013)  HRD Class XXI
Class XXII (Graduated May 17, 2014)  

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