Xcelerate your learning of Xavier's NEW Performance Review Form!


This is the third article in a 3-part series to share information on the redesign of Xavier?s Performance Management Program for all staff.

Punxsutawney Phil has predicted that spring is just around the corner?and so is our annual performance review cycle for Xavier Staff. It?s nearing the time to gather together your notes about your performance from this past year and encapsulate them into the NEW performance review form that will be integrated into this year?s annual review process.

Live webinars: Xcelerate your learning of Xavier?s NEW Performance Review Form! are being offered that will help you navigate through the new review form. The new performance rating scale, how to measure the ?how? in your job, and Xavier?s Values Wheel are just a few things you will learn about. There are two (2) webinars remaining on the schedule, and you are encouraged to attend one of them. In fact, feel free to attend with a co-worker or your work team.
Additional live webinars will be offered in March on preparing for your review and in July on giving and receiving feedback. For additional support and assistance, please contact your HR Business Partner, Connie Perme or Teri Compton.
This is the second article in a 3-part series to share information on the redesign of Xavier's Performance Management Program for all staff. 
With performance reviews right around the corner, live webinars are being offered to all staff to guide them through the NEW performance review tool that will be integrated into this year?s annual reviews.
As part of Xavier?s Performance Management Redesign initiative, employees were asked to weigh in on their opinions of the current review form and leadership has approved several enhancements, including a new rating scale. Based on input, the form has been improved and includes a more intentional evaluation of goal achievement, as well as integration of Xavier values and behaviors exhibited on the job.
Join Shari Mickey-Boggs and Teri Compton as they help you navigate your way through the new form so you fully understand the changes and learn the importance of measuring performance in what we do ? our skills in achieving our objectives; and how we do it ? demonstrating our values and competencies in doing our work.
So meet us at the corner of ?What and How Streets? to learn about the new mission driven performance review form!
Click the date to RSVP - there is a capacity limit for each webinar so register soon and save your seat!
This is the first article in a 3-part series to share information on the redesign of Xavier?s Performance Management Program for all staff
The main driver in redesigning Xavier?s performance management program for staff was driven by members of leadership and employee feedback from the performance management survey and focus group information. Several key themes arose from this feedback, providing opportunity for education and improvements to our current process: the review form is too narrative and can be subjective; employees believe performance management is a one-time event; employees are yearning for more development opportunities and performance conversations with their supervisors; competencies on the current form do not align with our core competencies; performance review should incorporate goal based assessment; almost exclusively behavior-based; there needs to be an overall performance rating for each employee; sequencing of performance management activities needs to be aligned with new fiscal year; and, needs to be consistent in reviewing positions descriptions during formal annual review.
A 3-year roadmap has been developed by Human Resources to take a holistic look at the performance management program to address the strong feedback raised by a cross section of our employee population. ?I am thrilled to see this initiative advancing in a thoughtful and intentional way, integrating employee?s feedback into each phase,? states Shari Mickey-Boggs, Senior Associate VP and Chief Human Resource Officer. ?Focusing on our employees and fully engaging them in their work is critical to the success of Xavier?s growth,? adds Mickey-Boggs.
So, what changes have been made to the program so far? Listed here are some key changes to date:
The performance management lifecycle for staff is aligned with the university?s new fiscal year;
  • position descriptions updated by nearly 100% of staff using newly designed template;
  • intentional focus aimed at setting performance expectations and objectives to align with university goals;
  • employee?s ratings are aligned with their performance; and
  • education and training offered through an updated performance management website focusing on the lifecycle activities of performance management along with ?just ?in ?time training? on setting goals and preparing for your performance review.
?As we continue to grow as a university, we need to ensure that our processes change appropriately as well. Continuous process improvement must be on our radar,? states John Kucia, Administrative Vice President. ?And as competition for faculty, students, rankings and funding continues to increase among universities, the need for an effective performance management process is critical to ensure we are hiring the best and brightest employees and nurturing their development and growth,? Kucia adds.
Based on employee feedback, enhancements have been made to the performance review form and these upgrades will be shared with you in the coming weeks through additional articles published in Today@Xavier, updates to the Performance Management website, and ?Just ?in ?Time? webinars offered by Human Resources.
So stay tuned for more information!