Tuition Remission


Continuing full-time employees are immediately eligible for full-tuition remission for all undergraduate and graduate courses taken at Xavier University. Tuition remission covers tuition only and does not apply to fees. Full remission is prorated to partial if an associate terminates employment mid-semester.

Employee Tuition Remission applications must be submitted prior to the beginning of each semester.


Employees have a one-year waiting period before attaining access to spouse/dependent tuition remission. Following the wait period, continuing full-time employees (37.5 hours weekly or more) are eligible for 90% tuition remission* for their spouse and dependent children (up to and including age 25 who meet the dependency criteria** established by federal law). 

Continuing part-time employees are eligible for spouse/dependent tuition remission on a pro-rated basis.

Dependent Tuition Remission applications must be submitted prior to the academic year.



*Employees are responsible for 10% of the tuition, plus applicable fees.

** The Office of Human Resources requires proof of dependency after age 22.