1. If I have a Humana Vitality questions, who do I contact?

Member questions regarding Humana Vitality can be directed to the call center phone number on the member's ID card 866-427-7478.

2. How do I earn Vitality points?

Vitality Points are earned by completing goals and activities. Examples of Humana Vitality goals and activities include reaching or maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, educating yourself about certain medical conditions or risks, and making smart lifestyle choices such as staying or becoming tobacco-free.

3. How long does the Humana Vitality pedometer store data?

The pedometer stores data for approximately three weeks. Once the data is downloaded, the memory is cleared.

4. How do I download my data?

Click here for instructions.

5. Is there is a form that a health club could sign to state that a member worked out instead of using a pedometer?

No. Humana cannot do a manual entry of workouts as there are many variables of points to reward and they do not have the capacity to upload individual data. Members need to use a device, app, or workout at a partner facility with a data transfer feed to Humana in order to get their credit.

6. How would you record a swimming exercise?

The only way to get credit for swimming is to have a Heart Rate monitor on while in the pool. The F7 is supposed to work in chlorine but you may need to upgrade the Heart Rate Strap to a T31 ? coded. A few reviews have said that is was not consistently reading Heart Rates. The F7 and standard chest strap work in fresh water (a lake).

7. Are there Humana Fit compatible devices including my GPS?

Yes. Here is a list of the devices.

8. What do I do if I receive a broken or damaged pedometer?

Here are guidelines to follow.

9. How can my college age dependent that is out of town do the Vitality check?

They can use participating national Little Clinics (Kroger) and Take Care Clinics (Walgreens). If those are not available at their locations, they can do the check upon their return home in the summer.

10. Can the subscriber see their adult dependent information?

No. Due to HIPPA, the adult dependent over 18 has to give you permission through his/her profile to view his/her information.

11. Are the pedometers only for subscribers?

No. You can order pedometers for other dependents on your plan for 1250 vitality points each or $14.99.

12. Will my vitality points roll over to the next year?


13. Can I get a discount from a health club because I participate in Humana Vitality?

Check with the health club.

14. How do you verify marathons?

Read more on How to earn Vitality Points.

15. I have my spouse covered on my Humana plan, and he has his own single Humana plan, too. Which plan would we use for his Vitality?

In general, dual coverage situations are handled as follows?

i. Family coverage takes precedence.
ii. If a member is a dependent on their spouses plan but has their own individual plan, they will be termed in their individual Vitality plan and moved to their family plan as a dependent.
iii. If a member has dual family plans, whichever family plan is loaded to the system first will become the primary Vitality plan.
iv. Points accumulation are tied to whatever plan the member is active on Humana Vitality?s system.
v. Claims, events, etc, will be tied to the active plan in Humana Vitality?s system.