The University Scholars Program allows Xavier students from every college and major to be challenged with greater academic depth and rigor through a sequence of classes they choose to complement their major and core requirements.  Scholars take six Honors courses over four years, five of which are chosen wholly by the student (to maximize a student's interests and schedule flexibility); the sixth course, HONR 300, is taken in the third or fourth year and is a multi-disciplinary exploration taught by two faculty from different departments that addresses big ideas that highlight connections between fields.  Honors sections of courses highlight smaller enrollments and take advantage of interaction between Honors peers.  They emphasize learning across the university and engagement with the world.


Benefits of USP admission include the option for Honors housing in reserved residence-hall wings, early registration each semester, and access to the Honors Lounge, with its kitchen, study, and library facilities in Alter Hall.  The student-run Honors Council also plans social and educational events for Honors students, including poetry readings, film festivals, conferences, dances, and cookouts.  The University Scholars Program underwent a substantial revision in 2016, and the faculty-led Scholars Advisory Council looks forward to introducing new benefits in 2017.


A new policy for admission to the program has been implemented for fall 2017.  An application process that includes a short essay will allow incoming students to provide broader information to a faculty panel that helps communicate a student's academic ambitions beyond test scores and high-school GPA.  In the past, typical University Scholars have been students with excellent high school records and SAT scores around 1300 and up or ACT scores around 29 and above. 


Minimum requirements for a student to graduate with Honors as a University Scholar include:

1.  Scholars must complete any five courses with the Honors (HONR) attribute; these courses are expected to overlap largely with a student’s core requirements and/or a student’s major;

2.  Scholars must complete HONR 300 (a multidisciplinary “Connections” course taught by two faculty from different departments) in their junior or senior year;

3.  Scholars must maintain a cumulative 3.000 grade point average during their freshman year and a 3.200 cumulative grade point average thereafter.  Note: only Honors courses with a C or above meet a Scholars requirement. Students whose grade point averages fall below these figures will be placed on probation within the Program and given a semester in which to bring up their grades.


Applications for Fall 2017 membership in USP are being accepted now through April 1, 2017.  Apply here.

Contact the Director

Stephen Yandell
Director, University Scholars Program

Associate Professor of English
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-4446

Phone 513-745-3598 | E-mail