The University Scholars program offers honors-level study in the core curriculum. Students choose a major but benefit from intensified study at all levels.

Scholars students take special honors sections of core courses including the humanities, sciences and social sciences, while also completing requirements for their major. They participate in special classes that are kept small to promote lively discussion and critical thinking. Juniors and seniors take seminars with even smaller groups of students for deeper study of specialized topics.

Students in the scholars program earn a bachelor's degree in their major with the designation of the scholars curriculum. Business students also are eligible for the scholars program. Scholars students must:

  • Complete the program's core liberal arts curriculum at the honors level.
  • Complete an undergraduate major program.
  • Take three honors-level seminar courses.

Contact the Director

Stephen Yandell
Associate Professor of English
Director, University Scholars Program
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-4446

Phone 513-745-3598 | E-mail