Careers in History

Female student in classThe study of history prepares students for a wide range of careers. Many people associate the study of history with preparing for a teaching career or entry to law school. Xavier history graduates do indeed pursue such careers and with conspicuous success. But it is less widely understood that studying history is also excellent preparation for business, politics, government service, media and many other careers. In fact, a majority of Xavier's history graduates go into careers other than teaching or law.
For those students who wish to combine a liberal arts major such as history with preparation for a business career, the Bachelor of Arts in history with business minor is available. Students intending to pursue graduate work in history should take advantage of the counseling available from the history faculty. Students planning to go into law should consult with one of Xavier's pre-legal advisors.

The University's Office of Career Services assists students in their search for employment by conducting an annual workshop series on interviewing and résumé writing techniques, and by maintaining a current educational, vocational, and employer information resource center. Many students begin working with the Office of Career Services during their freshman year to begin developing a personal career plan.