Instructions for Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Waiver

The waiver site for the 2017-18 Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is currently available. This site will be open until September 22, 2017.  After September 22nd, if you intended to but did not waive this insurance, your student account will be charged for the full amount of $2,690.00.  Please visit to complete the waiver process any time from June 19, 2017 through September 22, 2017.  Log in with your student ID #, including the zero's, and your password is your date of birth as an 8-digit number, with no special characters.  (ex. March 20, 1998 would be 03201998.)

Once the waiver has been completed and approved any charges on your account will automatically roll off 24-48 hours following the waiver approval process.

For questions or help in this process please call 513-745-3041.