There is no charge for routine office visits with our physicians. This means you do not have to consider whether your private health insurance will not pay for the visit.

Most services are covered under the health fee with no additional charge. They include unlimited office visits, treatment for medical problems, sports physicals, travel consultation, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, first aid, suture removal, dressing changes, blood pressure screening and health education/prevention services.

There are still charges for some services at the health center. These include:

  • immunizations,
  • in-house strep screens,
  • mono screens, and
  • complete blood count screens, medications and allergy shot administration.

Any charges incurred will be placed on your bursar bill. While we will not file with your insurance company, we will provide you with the paperwork to do so. We do not file outside lab charges with your insurance company, but if requested, we will provide insurance information to the outside lab so that they can bill your insurance directly for their services