Allergy Clinic

Students requesting allergy immunotherapy to be given by the Health and Wellness Center staff must follow a process that ensures patient safety. Planning ahead is key to receiving allergy shots at the Center.

Immunotherapy will be continued for students who are established patients of an allergist, have been receiving ongoing immunotherapy, have no recent history of systemic reactions, do not have uncontrolled asthma, are  not on beta blockers and  are not requesting to receive insect venom.

Required Forms

Allergy shots will not be administered until the required forms are submitted and medical history is reviewed. The following forms are required:

  1. Allergy Information Form for the Prescribing Allergist: To be completed each academic year by the prescribing allergist.
  2. Allergy Immunotherapy Administration Form: To be completed with each new vial that is to be administered by the McGrath Health and Wellness Center.
  3. Allergy Student Information and Consent: To be completed by the student wishing to receive allergy shots at McGrath Health and Wellness Center each academic year.

The forms are available for you to complete prior to your RN review visit and can be printed from this site. Please mail the completed forms or fax them to 513-745-3563.


Before receiving shots from the McGrath Health and Wellness center, all students wishing to continue their Allergy Immunotherapy here must make a nurse visit to review the required paperwork and set up a regular appointment day/time.  Allergy shots are administered by appointment only, as a Physician or Nurse Practitioner must be on site and available to manage any potential reactions. Students are required to wait 30 minutes post injection(s) to be observed for reactions by a nurse before they leave the health center.

The above procedures are to assure safe allergy shot administration. We appreciate your compliance and cooperation with these policies.

A fee of $15.00 for one injection and $20.00 for two injections will be charged and billed to your bursar account. The Health and Wellness Center does not bill insurance companies, but on request will provide you with the necessary paperwork to do so.