• How do I decide whether I could benefit from counseling?
    • If you are considering counseling for any reason, we suggest that you discuss your situation with a counselor. Your initial consultation could help you decide whether counseling is right for you. Keep in mind that coming to an initial appointment does not necessarily mean you are making a long-term commitment.
  • Is there a fee for counseling services?
    • No, there is no fee. Our services are fully funded by the University Health and Wellness fee are provided at no further charge to students.
  • What can I expect during my first counseling session?
    • Your counselor will begin by gathering information about you and your presenting concerns. Your counselor will provide you with feedback and describe a possible approach to your concerns. This initial evaluation is part of an ongoing collaborative conversation with your counselor.
  • How much time should I expect to invest in counseling?
    • The duration of counseling varies widely, from one or two sessions to several months. .

Our goal is to provide a safe, confidential and professional relationship in which you feel free to be as open and as honest as possible regarding your concerns.