The field of health care is dynamic and growing: The Department of Labor projects a 30.3 percent increase in the number of health care jobs between now and 2014.

Health services administration majors will study a multidisciplinary curriculum that prepares them to work in many types of health care organizations including:

  • Health care providers: hospitals, physician practices, nursing facilities, home health agencies, etc.
  • Health insurers: nonprofit and commercial insurers, commercial insurers, health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
  • Health care consultants
  • Health care supply companies: pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers
  • Health services research and policy organizations: health policy research groups, industry trade groups
  • Local, state, and federal health agencies

Degree concentrations in information systems represent a particular area of job growth. Ample job opportunities in information systems are available in:

  • Hospitals
  • Health care systems
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical group practices
  • Ambulatory centers
  • Home care
  • Medical device industries
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Local, federal and state health agencies.

A focus on long-term care prepares students for work in skilled nursing facilities (with a state license), retirement communities, community agencies, home care, numerous elder care organizations and health systems.
The program will also prepare students for graduate work in health services, law, medicine, allied health field, health services research or policy and public health. 

The "Practitioner" Portion of Our BSHSA Scholar/Practitioner Program

  • Undergraduate Coursework Projects (fieldtrips, guest speakers, observations)
  • ACHE Undergraduate Student Chapter
  • HSA Student Connections (BSHSA students with MHSA students)
  • Community Service Experiences
  • Undergraduate Internship Experiences (Junior/Senior Year)
  • HIP (Healthcare in Practice) inter-professional learning opportunities for all health-related students at Xavier