The Health Sciences Committee

Xavier University's Health Sciences Committee is comprised of science faculty who are committed to encouraging student access and success in professional health careers. With the Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising, the Committee works with students on their preparation for application to professional graduate health programs in important ways:

  • Writing a composite committee letter of recommendation for professional health schools
  • Conducting a mandatory mock interview that helps prepare an applicant for admission interviews
  • Offering guidance on professional health and science-related graduate programs and career options


Xavier University's 2009-10 Health Sciences Committee Members:

  • Dr. Daniel McLoughlin, Chemistry, Chair
  • Ms. Kara Rettig-Pfingstag, Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising
  • Dr. William Anyonge, Biology
  • Dr. Marco Fatuzzo, Physics
  • Dr. Richard Mullins, Chemistry
  • Dr. Lisa Close-Jacob, Biology
  • Dr. Craig Davis, Chemistry
  • Dr. Waltke Paulding, Biology
  • Dr. Dorothy (Dottie) Engle, Biology
  • Dr. Barbara Hopkins, Chemistry
  • Dr. Stephen Yerian, Physics