Xavier University's Health Sciences Committee is comprised of science faculty who are committed to encouraging student access and success in professional health careers. With the Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising, the Committee works with students on their preparation for application to professional graduate health programs in important ways:

  • Writing a composite committee letter of recommendation for professional health schools
  • Conducting a mandatory mock interview that helps prepare an applicant for admission interviews
  • Offering guidance on professional health and science-related graduate programs and career options


Xavier University's 2009-10 Health Sciences Committee Members:

  • Dr. Daniel McLoughlin, Chemistry, Chair
  • Ms. Kara Rettig-Pfingstag, Director of Pre-Professional Health Advising
  • Dr. William Anyonge, Biology
  • Dr. Marco Fatuzzo, Physics
  • Dr. Richard Mullins, Chemistry
  • Dr. Lisa Close-Jacob, Biology
  • Dr. Craig Davis, Chemistry
  • Dr. Waltke Paulding, Biology
  • Dr. Dorothy (Dottie) Engle, Biology
  • Dr. Barbara Hopkins, Chemistry
  • Dr. Stephen Yerian, Physics