Program Representatives:

Graduate students in each program may choose from its members one representative, who will receive a financial stipend, to serve in the GSA.  This representative is responsible for attending meetings, informing the GSA of their program's  needs and issues, as well as keeping his/her program up to date with GSA events and ongoings.

 Master of Education Programs                                                                Program Representatives
Administration/Supervision Dr. Leo Bradley 513-745-2982    
Elementary/Middle Education Dr. Cindy Geer  513-745-3262    
Multicultural Literature for Children Dr. Cindy Geer  513-745-3262    
Reading Dr. Cindy Geer  513-745-3262    
Secondary Education Mr. Jeff Hutton  513-745-3702    
Montessori Education Mr. Gina Lofquist  513-745-1072 Victoria Livingston
Special Education Dr. Sharon Merrill  513-745-1078    
Sport Administration Dr. Doug Olberding  513-745-1085    


 Master of Arts Programs                                                                            Program Representatives
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Dr. Brent Richardson  513-745-4294                                                                                                                                                                  
School Counseling Dr. Brent Richardson  513-745-4294    
Psychology Dr. Karl William Stukenberg  513-745-1041    
English Dr. Alison Russell  513-745-3275    
Theology Dr. Sarah Melcher  513-745-2043    


 Master of Science Programs                                                                      Program Representatives
Criminal Justice Dr. Y. Gail Hurst  513-745-1070                                                                                                                
Human Resource Development Dr. Brenda Levya-Gardner  513-745-4287

 Elise Adams

Nursing Director Dr. Susan Schmidt  513-745-3815    
Director of Student Services/Nursing Marilyn Gomez  513-745-4392                                             


 Master of Business Administration (MBA)                                              Program Representatives
Executive Director Ms. Jennifer Bush    513-745-3527                                                                            


 Master of Health Services Administration                                              Program Representatives
Director   Dr. Nancy Linenkugel      513-745-3716                                                                             


 Master of Occupational Therapy                                                              Program Representatives
Department Chair Dr. Carol Scheerer           513-745-3310