Parking Committee

The Parking Committee is responsible to make recommendations for:

? Overall policies and procedures for the regulation of parking on campus
? Fees to be charged for parking
? Areas on or contiguous to campus on which parking spaces may be created
? Alternatives to handling parking when construction of University facilities eliminates existing parking spaces
? Procedures for ensuring that all stakeholders, students, faculty ,staff and visitors (e.g. basketball premium seat holders) receive and understand clear communication regarding normal parking processes and necessary changes to those processes for special events (e.g. men?s basketball games on class nights).

The membership consists of two (2) students (one undergraduate and one graduate) recommended by the Student Government Association and the Graduate Student Association respectively, three (3) faculty members representing each college, recommended by the Faculty Committee, two (2) Administrators (exempt staff) designated by the Senior Vice President and CFO, two (2) support staff (non-exempt staff) recommended by the Senior Vice President and CFO.