Internship Opportunities

GP Strategies Solution Center in Mason employs college students (grads and under-grads) part time to develop enterprise application training materials for our clients. We utilize various applications and tools. For example, applications we develop training for include SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, etc. We use various eLearning tools to create the training materials. Tools include uPerform, User Productivity Pak, Captivate and Lectora, to name a few.

We provide paid training in the use of these tools in exchange for the students utilizing their new knowledge as a temporary, part time employee to fulfill our client requirements. For the students, it is a great exercise in learning more about corporate business processes, as well as learning various technologies used in today?s business environment.

We have an urgent need for students who are available approximately 24-30 hours a week until the end of January, and possibly beyond. We operate a flexible schedule, and will work around academic obligations. I have attached a job description for your information.

Click here to view description.