Diversity and Equity Committee

The Diversity and Equity Committee (DEC) is charged by the President with facilitating and advocating for the institutional support of the Strategic Plan for Diversity, in conjunction with the Vice Provost for Diversity. It will issue a summary and evaluation of institutional progress under the Plan, along with recommendations for improvement, in an annual report to the President.

The DEC will also serve as a sounding board for the campus community on matters related to the climate for diversity. In that capacity, it will regularly solicit information regarding the campus climate from various campus constituencies and the campus as a whole and issue findings and recommendations for improvement in its annual report to the President.

The membership consists of three (3) faculty members one from each college recommended by the Faculty Committee, Vice Provost for Diversity, Vice President for Mission & Identity, Vice President for Student Enrollment, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Director of the Women?s Center, Dean of the Center for Adult and Part-time Students, Director, International Student Services, Director of the Learning Assistance Program, Director of CBI, Executive Director of Alumni Assoc., Co-chair of the Gender and Diversity Studies Program, one (1) support staff recommended by the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, one (1) graduate student recommended by the Graduate Student Assoc., SGA?s Student Director for Diversity.