Academic Research and Conference Fund Approval Committee

Review all applications submitted for reimbursement from the Academic Research and Conference Fund (ARCF).

A 5 member committee chaired by the GSA Treasurer and with not more than 1 committee member representing a program.


Conflicts of interest must be disclosed by the conflicted committee member upon receipt of any application for which the committee member?s opinion would be conflicted. If any committee member?s opinion is considered conflicted by the rest of the committee, then that committee member must be recused for the purpose of approving the application for which there is a conflict.
Examples of conflicts of interest include:
? Committee member is the applicant
? Committee member would benefit directly from funds awarded to the applicant
? Having a personal relationship with the applicant (personal relationships are to be defined by the committee

An ARCF application will be received by the GSA Treasurer and forwarded to the committee members electronically (via email). The committee members will review the application and before deciding to approve or disapprove disclose any conflict of interest. If no conflict of interest exists, the committee member will render their decision electronically (via email) to the GSA treasurer.
If the application is approved, the applicant will be notified to submit all original receipts electronically (via email) to the GSA treasurer upon completion of the activity. The GSA treasurer will then forward the receipts to Xavier for check issuance.
If the application is disapproved, the applicant will be notified electronically (via email).