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Climate Justice Series speaker

Climate Change and

the Merchants of Doubt

    Naomi Oreskes   

 April 6, 2017   7:00-9:00 p.m.



Cintas Center: James and Caroline Duff Banquet Center
Complimentary Parking


Climate Change: Now What?

Internationally renowned author, geologist, science historian and Harvard professor, Naomi Oreskes is a leading voice on the issue of the role of humans in affecting climate change and is the author of both scholarly and popular books and articles.  

In her recent book, The Collapse of Western Civilization, she speculates on our future if warnings of climate catastrophe are ignored.  Her TED Talk, “Why We Should Trust Scientists” has over a million views.  In the influential  book and documentary, Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco to Global Warming,  Oreskes examined how a small group of scientists joined forces with political interests to challenge the scientific consensus on important health and environmental issues.

Naomi Oreskes 2nd European TA conference in Berlin 2015.JPG

Naomi Oreskes is currently professor of the history of science and affiliated professor of Earth and planetary sciences at Harvard University.  She has lectured widely and won numerous prizes including the 2011 Climate Change Communicator of the Year and the 2015 Geological Society of American Public Service Award.  She met Pope Francis at a special meeting on climate change and sustainability held at the Vatican and in 2015 wrote the introduction to the Melville House edition of the Papal Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality, Laudato Si’.


CLIMATE JUSTICE SERIES:  We define Climate Justice as climate-related policies and practices that are ecologically sound as well as economically advantageous for all members of society, especially the least well off, who are often the most affected by climate change. 


For more information contact Elizabeth Zuelke ( or 513-745-3385)


Registration for Summer and Fall Begins March 27, 2017

You should be making an appointment with your advisor now if you haven't already.  

There will be a new sequence of one-credit hour courses offered in the fall. While these courses can be taken separately, they represent a unique opportunity to learn about the creation of a sustainability program from conception to execution. All courses will be taught by Len Sauers, Retired Sr. VP for Global Sustainability, P&G.

SUST 460 / BUAD 660: Strategy and Goal Setting: Sustainability
W 6-8:30 Aug 23 – Sep 20 (1 credit)

The first step that any business must take in creating a sustainability program is to develop a vision, set a strategy and establish quantifiable goals.  In this course students will gain an understanding of the primary drivers of environmental and social sustainability today, including climate change, solid waste management, water scarcity, supply chain responsibility, etc. 
SUST 461 / BUAD 661: Sustainable Product Innovation & Life Cycle Assessment
W 6-8:30 Sep 27 – Oct 25 (1 credit) 

Once a business has established a sustainability program, developing “green” products through sustainable product innovation can be an important next step.  In this course, students will learn the principles of sustainable product innovation by using life cycle assessment to compare the environmental sustainability of selected products and determining why one product is/is not better from an environmental standpoint than another. 
SUST 462 / BUAD 662: Challenges in Executing a Sustainability Program  
W 6-8:30 Nov 1-Dec 6 (1 credit)

As a company executes its sustainability program and markets its “green” products, it can confront a host of external issues such as the sustainable sourcing of renewable materials, environmental impacts of growth, issues around product safety, concerns of NGOs/activists, dealing with competing priorities, etc. In this course, students will gain an understanding of such issues and how to prevent them or address them once they arise.  

Mill Creek Canoe Trip

April 1

When: Saturday, April 1st, 9:00am-3:00pm (April 9th rain date)
Where: We will meet at the circle between Smith and CLC for a prompt 9:00am departure in carpools.  

The Mill Creek Yacht Club has offered to host another canoe trip for Xavier students.  This is the third year running - it has been a really fun and educational experience.  

Cost: There is a $10 fee for the canoe rental/guide fee.  This cost also covers an official membership into the Mill Creek Yacht Club and a T-shirt. 

Route:  We will be canoeing an approximately 5 mile section of the lower Mill Creek.  Specifics TBA.
Mill Creek Yacht Club:  Its a really dynamic group.  Check out their website:

For more information or to sign up, contact Adam Konopka

Film, Music, and Stories from the U.S./Mexico Border

April 2, 5:30-7:30 pm

Kennedy Auditorium

Join Kathleen Smythe, Julia O’Hara, Gillian Ahlgren and Kristine Suna-Koro for a night of film, music and stories from the U.S./Mexico border. 

Special guest: Natalia Serna, singer songwriter featured in Creighton University's Backpack Journalism film, "El Deportado,"

Xavier Included in 2016 Princeton Review Guide to 361 Green Colleges



Sustainability student Awards for 2016/17


We are pleased to announce that two students have been chosen for this year's Sustainability Awards. Each student will receive a $2500 award to be applied to tuition for this school year.  

Sustainability Award recipients will be members of the campus Sustainability Committee and will work to advance the goals of the committee, including sustainability reporting and measurement.

This year's award recipients: 

Charles Gonzalez  is pursuing his M.A. in Urban Sustainability and Resilience.  He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Business Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture Management from Cincinnati State.  He has recently served as the Student Farm Coordinator at Xavier and as an Environmental Health Intern for the City of Sharonville.

Laura Castillo is a sophomore with a double major in Economics, Sustainability, and Society and Spanish.  On her spring break this past year, she did an internship with the University of Caxias do Sul in Brazil where she spent time researching and learning about the Brazilian economy and the leading role some of its communities are playing in sustainability issues. 





  • In March 2008, Xavier University created a Sustainability Committee in response to the requirements of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment. The Committee, which represents a cross-section of the campus community, has created a comprehensive plan for achieving climate neutrality and initiated tangible actions to meet the goals expressed in the Campus Sustainability Plan.