Sustainability Day 2013
"Energy Justice"

Monday, October 28, 2013, 3 - 4:30 PM
Kennedy Auditorium, Conaton Learning Commons

JOAN FITZGERALD and panelists, including Garry Harris from the Center for Sustainable Solutions, Atlanta and Larry Falkin from City of Cincinnati's Office of Environmental Quality

Joan Fitzgerald is Director of Law and Public Policy at Northeastern University, and is the author of Emerald Cities: Urban Sustainability and Economic Development, which examines how U.S. and Western European cities are addressing global warming, energy dependence and opportunities for green economic development, including new technology-based industry clusters, improving efficiency in manufacturing processes, and creating well-paying green jobs.

Garry Harris is Executive Director of Atlanta's Center for Sustainable Solutions, and a leader in inclusive environmental education efforts in Atlanta. He helped establish the Emerald Cities Collaborative Atlanta, and was recently nominated for the White House Champions of Change award. He is also president of HTS Enterprises, an energy technology consulting firm.

Larry Falkin has served as Director of the City of Cincinnati's Office of Environmental Quality since 2007. He led the energy aggregation campaign in 2011-12 to make Cincinnati the first US major city to offer 100 percent "green" electricity, and has moved aggressively to reduce energy use in city buildings and operations with both technology and incentives. He is active with leadership positions in the national association of city managers. 

Copies of Fitzgerald?s book Emerald Cities are available in Library Reserves for those faculty who plan to bring their class. The Green Cincinnati Plan can be viewed at

Sponsored by Sustainability Committee, contact with any questions. Possible course topics: urban planning and sustainability; job creation, economic revitalization and sustainability

Past Sustainability Days

Sustainability Day 2012
Silent Spring at 50: The Prophetic Vision of Rachel Carson"

The Fourth Annual Xavier Sustainability Day was held on Monday October 8, 2012. The celebration featured guest of honor Sandra Steingraber, along with a video update of the sustainability projects that are underway on-campus. The presentation started at 1:30 pm in Kennedy Auditorium, CLC 412, and ended at 2:45 pm.

For the Xavier and wider community, a wide spectrum of events was planned during Sustainability Week (Wednesday, September 26 through Sustainability Day, Monday, October 8, 2012) including play, movies, book clubs, field trips and more.

2011 Sustainability Day

Keynote Speaker: Robert Besso implemented a new program to provide comprehensive residential and commercial food waste collection for San Francisco, the first collection program of its kind for a major city in the United States.

2010 Sustainability Day

Keynote Speaker: William McDonough was deemed a hero for the planet by Time magazine and is the co-founder of an internationally recognized design firm specializing in environmentally intelligent architecture and planning.

2009 Sustainability Day

Keynote Speaker: Nancy Tuchman is the Vice Provost of Loyola University Chicago, where she has been a Professor of Aquatic Biology, a Program Officer in the Ecosystem Study Program at the National Science Foundation, Associate Provost of Research, and co-founder of the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy.