Sustainability Committee

Dave Lococo 

Executive Director of Physical Plant

Sustainability Committee Co-Chair

Nancy Bertaux

Sustainability Committee Co-Chair
Economics Professor

Ann Dougherty

Sustainability Coordinator
Physical Plant

Marco Fatuzzo

Professor and Chair, Physics


Dan Marschner

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admission Office (Main)


Cheryl McElroy

Assistant Director, Grant Services


Mollie McIntosh

Assistant Professor, Biology

Mary Lisa Vertuca

Early Childhood Education Cohort Director, Education


Izola White

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs,

Office of the Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Liz Blume

Director, Community Building Institute

Christopher Schadler

Community Building Associate
Community Building Institute

Committee Emeriti:

Becky Luce

Assistant Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship

Molly Robertshaw

Assistant Director, Service & Justice, Center for Faith and Justice

Heather Kilgore

TRiO, Student Support Services

Sustainability Interns

To learn more about the Xavier students who work closely with the Sustainability Committee to create tangible change on Xavier's campus, please visit the Sustainability Interns page.