Searchable Databases

The Office of Grant Services subscribes to two searchable databases that enable you to search for funding opportunities. In addition, there are numerous internet databases available.

  • SPIN, the Sponsored Programs Information Network, is an extensive research funding opportunity database service offered by InfoEd Global. SPIN contains over 40,000 opportunities from more than 10,000 sponsors.  The SPIN database is accessible from any on-campus computer.  Click here for our SPIN Instructions.
  • Foundation Search, is an internet-accessible database which offers fundraising information for non-profits and charities.  The database can be accessed from library computers.  Librarians will need to log you in.

Other Internet Databases

  • is a website developed by the federal government to consolidate the possibility of searches for federal grants along with other types of grant information you might want. also provides an email alert system to receive notification about specific topics or agencies. The system is used to submit federal grant programs electronically for agencies except NSF.
  • The NSF Update includes subscriptions options for all types of documents including NSF program notices, publications and policies. The website can also be searched for specific funding opportunities.
  • MOLIS, the Minority On-Line Information Service. A database of over 220 minority institutions, MOLIS can be searched for funding opportunities available to and for minority faculty and students.
  • Catalog of Domestic Federal Assistance (CDFA), provided by the U.S. General Services Administration. This can be searched for federal funding programs.
  • The Foundation Center is an independent non-profit information clearinghouse. The Foundation Center has searchable lists of private foundations and corporate grantmakers.
  • Yahoo's Grants-Making Foundations is an alphabetical list of private funding sources. It is not searchable.