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  • Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation

    • The Beckman Foundation supports research in chemistry and the life sciences. Its Young Investigators Program funds tenure-track faculty who have completed not more than three years of an academic appointment. Projects that are innovative and cut across traditional boundaries of scientific disciplines are encouraged. Deadline: October 1.


  • Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

    • Part of the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies offers several fellowships and workshops to support research on the Holocaust or genocide studies. The Center invites scholarship from a variety of disciplines, including history, political science, literature, religion and psychology.
      • The Center for Advanced Holocaust Fellowships. These fellowships provide a monthly stipend for a minimum of three consecutive months for research conducted while in residence at the Center. Fellowships are available for both recent Ph.D. recipients and senior scholars.
  • The Commonwealth Fund

    • The Commonwealth Fund supports research on health and social policy issues. The foundation is dedicated to helping people become more informed about their health care and improving care for vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, low-income families minorities, and the uninsured. Grant Guidelines are available. Deadlines: Before April, July and November board meetings.
  • The Compton Foundation, Inc.

    • The Compton Foundation supports projects that focus on Peace & World Order, Population and the Environment, with special emphasis on projects that explore the interconnections between these three categories. It actively encourages collaboration between agencies, institutions and/or foundations and projects that connect theory, research and practice. Deadlines: February 15 for May board meetings; September 15 for December board meeting.
  • The Council of American Overseas Research Centers

    • The Council of American Overseas Research Center administers the Fellowships for Advanced Multi-Country Research program, which supports research in countries in the Near and Middle East and South Asia. The fellowships provide stipends for research on issues of multi-country significance in the humanities, social sciences, and related natural sciences. Preference is given to projects that require research in two or more countries. Deadline: January 1.
  • Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism

    • The Cushwa Center at the University of Notre Dame awards Research Travel Grants to defray travel and lodging costs for scholars who require use of its library and archives. The research projects can be in any academic discipline but must be related to the study of American Catholicism. Deadline: December 31.


  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

    • The DAAD is an organization of the institutions of higher education in Germany. Programs for U.S. faculty members are run through the New York Office. These include:
      • Study Visit Research Grants. These grants allow scholars who are graduate students or have held full-time appointments for at least two years to pursue research in the Federal Republic of Germany for between one and three months. Deadline: January 15 and August 1.
      • Learn German in Germany.This program allows faculty not in modern languages or literatures to attend intensive language courses in the Federal Republic of Germany. The courses are either four or eight weeks long. Deadline: January 31.
      • DAAD Short-Term Lectureships These include the Guest Lectureship program, in which U.S. institutions can invite German faculty members to teach for a period between one and four months. This program pays a stipend to the visiting faculty member for living costs but the host institution must pay an honorarium. Deadlines: vary.
  • Dirksen Congressional Center

    • The Dirksen Center supports the study of the leadership in the U.S. Congress. Dirksen Center grants include:
      • Congressional Research Awards. These fund research on congressional leadership and the U.S. Congress. Awards provide funds to support research costs. Deadline: February 1.
      • Robert H. Michel Special Projects Grants. This program funds projects that advances the public understanding of the federal legislature through research and teaching. Deadline: Ongoing.
  • The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation

    • The Dreyfus Foundation supports research in the chemical sciences. Its programs relevant to Xavier are:
      • Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards. These are for faculty in the first five years of their academic careers. The awards provide funds to advance the research and teaching of scholars who have demonstrated leadership in their field. Deadline: February.
      • Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards. These are for faculty in the fourth through twelfth year of their academic careers. The awards provide funds to advance the research and teaching of scholars who have demonstrated leadership in their field. Deadline: June.
      • Faculty Start-Up Grant Program for Undergraduate Institutions. These are for faculty who are about to begin their first tenure-track appointment. The awards provide funds to support the research and professional advancement of a new faculty member. Deadline: May.
      • Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences. These support innovative projects that advance the science of chemistry. Possible projects include the development of curricular materials and the institutional advancement of education and research. The amount varies. Deadline: June.


  • Getty Research Institute

    • The Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities supports scholarship and resource development in the field of art history. Its funding programs include:
      • Postdoctoral Fellowships. These support interpretive research projects by scholars who recently received their doctoral degrees.
  • Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

    • The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation supports research on the causes, manifestations, and control of violence, aggression and dominance. The foundation's Research Grants provide funds for one- to two-year projects from any of the natural and social sciences and the humanities.  Priority is given to projects that studies that increase understanding and improvement of problems of violence in the modern world. Deadline: August 1.
  • John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

    • The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation offers Fellowships to Assist Research and Artistic Creation  These support scholarship and creative activity in all fields except the performing arts. Fellowship appointments are for at least six months, and more typically one year. Deadline: September 15.


  • The George A. and Eliza Howard Foundation

    • Link Broken. The Howard Foundation awards fellowships each year for research projects in selected fields. The fellowships provide a stipend for one year of research. They are intended to support faculty members in the middle stages of their careers. Deadline: October for nomination form and Nov/Dec for completed application.
  • Huntington Library, Art Collections, & Botanical Gardens

    • The Huntington sponsors residential research Fellowships to support scholarly work using its collections in British and American history, literature, art history, the history of science, and medicine. The Library's areas of special strength include Middle Ages, Renaissance, 19th and 20th century literature, British drama, Colonial America, American Civil War, Western America, and California. Fellowships include two short-term awards for one to five months of research and several long-term awards supporting four to twelve months of research. Deadline:  December 15.


  • Institute for Advanced Study

    • Located in Princeton, New Jersey, the Institute for Advanced Study includes a School of Historical Studies and School of Social Science, both of which offer academic year visiting fellowships for conducting research.
      • The School of Historical Studies offers Memberships to study the history of western and near eastern civilization, with special emphasis on Greek and Roman civilization, the history of Europe, Islamic culture, the history of modern international relations, and the history of art. This School also offers Mellon Fellowships for Assistant Professors, which support research conducted by young scholars who have served at least two years and not more than four years as assistant professors at institutions of higher education. Deadline:  November 15.
  • The International Research and Exchanges Board

    • The International Research and Exchanges Board is a non-profit organization that supports academic exchange, professional training, institution building, technical assistance, and policy programs between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Mongolia and China.


  • Martha Holden Jennings Foundation

    • The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation supports the improvement of education in secular elementary and secondary schools in Ohio. The foundation encourages proposals for pilot projects and innovative programs that can be replicated broadly. Grants are normally for one-year projects but proposals can be submitted to extend the funding. Deadline:  None.


  • The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

    • The Kaiser Foundation focuses on the role of government in health and the health of low-income and minority groups. The foundation's grants include support for policy analysis, applied research, demonstration projects, and communications activities. Deadline: None.
  • The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc.

    • The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation funds projects that focus on one of the following four areas: (1) promoting economic literacy; (2) innovative ways to teach economics; (3) testing the impact of economic education; and (4)programs that help otherwise disenfranchised youth and/or adults learn to participate in the economic system. Deadline:  September 15 for November review; February 15 for May review.
  • Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies.

    • The Kellogg Institute funds visiting residential fellowships at the University of Notre Dame in comparative international studies. The research themes are Democratization and the Quality of Democracy, Growth and Development, Public Policies for Social Justice, Religion and Society, and Social Movements and Organized Civil Society. Fellowships last for one or two semesters; stipends vary with seniority. Deadline: November 1.


  • Library Company of Philadelphia

    • The Library Company supports residential Fellowships Link Broken for research using its collections. The Fellowships in Colonial and U. S. History and Culture fund one month of research and provide a stipend. Deadline: March 1.
  • Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation

    • The Lindbergh Foundation promotes balance between technological advance and the preservation of the natural/human environment. Lindbergh Grants provide funds for research projects in a variety of categories, including conservation of natural resources, education, and health. Deadline: 2nd Thursday in June.
  • The Louisville Institute

    • The Louisville Institute promotes the understanding of American religion and the vitality of American religious institutions. Its emphases are the situation of Protestantism, Catholicism, the historic African-American churches, and the Hispanic religious experience. Supported research projects may be conducted from a range of disciplines including history, ethics, social sciences, and theology.



  • National Humanities Center

    • Located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, The National Humanities Center supports academic year residential Fellowships for advanced study in all humanities fields. Applicants must have doctorate degrees and a record of publication. Stipends are individually determined. Fellowships also provide travel expenses. Deadline: October.
  • Newberry Library

    • The Newberry Library in Chicago supports Fellowships for scholars who wish to use its collections. The Newberry's collections focus on the civilizations of western Europe and the Americas from the late middle ages to the twentieth century. Short-term fellowships provide a monthly stipend to support research conducted for a period of one week to two months. Long-term fellowship provide a stipend for between six and eleven months of research. Deadline: Short-term Fellowships: March; Long-term Fellowships: January.


  • Open Society Institute

    • The Open Society Institute was founded by George Soros with the purpose of fostering the development of open society around the world. The funding programs offered by the Open Society Institute include, grants, scholarships, and fellowships related to a variety of OSI initiatives. Deadlines: vary.


  • Peace Development Fund

    • The Peace Development Fund supports organizations and projects that work to effect peaceful, just and interdependent relations among people and nations. Its goals include strengthening training organizations that provide political education and critical thinking tools for community-based groups, supporting youth in analyzing and developing strategic action to transform the world around them, and supporting the development of curricula that clarify the role of governments and corporations in oppressive relationships. Deadlines: Fall.
  • Pew Charitable Trusts

    • Pew Charitable Trusts sponsors many programs including the Pew Religion Program. This program funds projects on religion and American public life and scholarship on religion and culture. There are three major areas of interest: Advancing Policy Solutions, Informing the Public, and Supporting Civic Life. Deadline: None.


  • Research Corporation

    • Research Corporation is dedicated to the advancement of science and technology. The Cottrell College Science Awards fund significant research in chemistry, physics and astronomy at non-Ph.D. granting institutions. Cottrell College awards are for faculty in the first three years of their first appointment. Undergraduate students should be involved in the research project. The awards will fund faculty summer stipends, equipment, supplies, and student stipends. Deadlines: November 15 and May 15.
  • Smith Richardson Foundation

    • The Smith Richardson Foundation has two programs, the International Security and Foreign Policy Program and the Domestic Public Policy Program. Education and school reform are important topics for the Foundation's recent grant making, including assessing various school reforms, such as charter schools. Deadline: None.


  • Russell Sage Foundation

    • The Russell Sage Foundation exclusively funds research in the social sciences. Its current program focus areas are the future of work, immigration, culture contact, and social inequity. Deadlines: August and March.
  • The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

    • The Sloan Foundation supports research on: Science and Technology, Standard of Living and Economic Performance, and Education and Careers in Science and Technology. Its funding of science and technology includes Research Fellowships, which support faculty members in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, economics, and neuroscience. The faculty must be no more than six years from completion of their Ph.D., and must be nominated by department heads or senior scholars. The fellowships provide a stipend for two years of research. Deadline: for Research Fellowships, September 15; for other programs, no deadlines.
  • Smithsonian Institution

    • The Smithsonian Institution's Opportunities for Research and Study include Fellowships, which allow scholars to pursue independent research in association with Smithsonian professional research staff members. All fellowships provide a stipend for 3-12 months of research conducted in residence at the Smithsonian (stipends are prorated for periods under 12 months). Deadline: January 15.
  • The Spencer Foundation

    • The Spencer Foundation supports research on education. There are two types of grants: Major Research Grants and Small Research Grants: Deadlines: None.


  • John Templeton Foundation

    • The John Templeton Foundation encourages further exploration of the moral and spiritual dimensions of life. The foundation's areas of interest are Science & Religion, Spirituality & Health, Character Development, Free Enterprise, Gifted Education and World Religions.  Deadlines: vary.
  • Tinker Foundation

    • The Tinker Foundation is focused on Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Antarctica. The foundation's Institutional Grants program supports research projects, conferences and workshops on environmental policy, governance or economic policy in these regions. The program encourages collaboration between organizations in the United States, Latin America, Iberia and Antarctica. Deadlines: September 1 & March 1.


  • Alexander vonHumboldt Foundation

    • The von Humboldt Foundation funds Research Fellowships which supports 6-12 months of study in Germany in all disciplines. Applicants must have a doctorate, and have sound language abilities in German. Researchers select and make arrangements with their German hosts. Deadlines: At least five months prior to the selection committee's meetings, which are usually in March, July and November.


  • Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

    • Wabash Center supports teachers of religion and theology in higher education through meetings and workshops, grants, a journal and other resources. The Wabash Center provides funds for projects that enhance teaching and learning in the fields of religion or theology. Two types of grants are offered. Small Projects Grants and Project Grants. Both types of grants support projects on teaching and learning in theology and religion. Deadlines: January 1, May, and September 1.
  • Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc.

    • Wenner-Gren supports research in anthropology, including cultural/social anthropology, ethnology, biological/physical anthropology, and anthropological linguistics. It also funds research in related disciplines interested in human origins, development and variation. Through its Post-Ph.D. Research Grants , Wenner-Gren provides funds for expenses directly related to the research project (not including salary).  Deadlines for Small Grants Program: November 1 and May 1.
  • Whitehall Foundation, Inc.

    • The Whitehall Foundation funds research in the life sciences, and has a current interest in neurobiology. Its Grant Programs include Research Grants, which fund research projects up to three years in duration. Whitehall also funds Grants-in-Aid, which primarily support junior researchers, and provide funds for one-year projects. Deadlines for Letters of Intent: January 15, April15, and October 1.