Middletown Fenwick High School

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If you are a current Xavier student, login to your Student Hub to register for classes.

If you are a new student and wish to register for classes, please contact the Office of the Graduate School at (513) 745-3360 or xugrad@xavier.edu.

Classes at the off-site locations cost $110 less per credit hour than those offered at Xavier's main campus. If you take nine credits at any off-site location you will save nearly $1,000 and receive the last class in your program for free!

Fall 2014:


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Fall classes run August 25 to December 19, 2014
Course Descriptions can be found in the University Catalog

Course #
Course Name
Credit Hours
 91039 EDAD 570 Policy Planning & Evaluation 3 W 7:00-9:30
 92449 EDFD 500 History and Phil. of Education 3 W 7:00-9:30
 91643 EDFD 505 Org. of Ed. Systems in U.S. 3 W 4:15-6:45
 91651 EDFD 507 Educational Research 2 W 4:15-6:45
 91668 EDFD 508 Educational Research Paper 1 N/A N/A
91173 EDRE 671 Content Area Literacy 3 W 7:00-9:30
 91921 EDRE 672 Theories of Reading 3 W 4:15-6:45


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