Xavier University Child Care Initiative

Our goal is to create a more welcoming and supportive environment for parenting students, faculty and staff by establishing a centralized network of resources on campus that will enable and encourage success at Xavier University.

The Pregnant and Parenting Students Access to Education Act

This act enables states to create a plan for the education of pregnant and parenting students, provide professional development and technical assistance to school districts, coordinate services with other state agencies, and disseminate information, among other activities.

Finding the Balance

Tips for student parents at Xavier University

  1. Let ALL of your professors know that you are a parent; if they are prepared in advance, they will be much more willing to work with you if something arises which could impact your performance (and grade!) in the course.
  2. Continue to connect with your professors throughout each term; get THEM invested in your success.
  3. Find a friend in each of your classes that you can rely on for sharing class notes if you miss a class (and also to study with!).
  4. Coordinate baby-sitting and study time with other student-parents. Take turns watching the children and studying.
  5. Establish a back-up care plan and identify options for emergency and sick child care.
  6. Study wherever you can and whenever you can.
  7. Study with your child!!! If you are reading, have your child read ? it?s never too early to start. If you are writing, give your child a pen and paper, and just let his or her imagination run wild. Even if the children are just looking at pictures, it?s a great way to introduce them to books. They will see you doing it, so when it comes time for them to go to school, they will have established good study habits.
  8. If you are just getting back into school, try taking only one or two classes to ease back into it. You will get a feel for the workload, and then progressively work your way up to being a fulltime student.
  9. Never do more than you can handle. It is not worth the stress in the long run.
  10. Be aware of the many programs and services that are available on campus to help you connect with other students and also to help you cope with challenging situations; programs and services such as student life, counseling services, etc.
  11. Talk to as many people as you can (financial aid, day care provider, etc.) about grant money or other types of financial assistance, such as student loans, that you may be able to take advantage of.

XU Childcare Referral Program

This program provides students, faculty and staff with a list of students willing to provide supplemental childcare. This program is a referral program and Xavier is only responsible for coordinating information of student childcare providers and families seeking childcare. Screening, payment and coordination of schedules is the responsibility of the family and the student willing to provide care. Babysitting Certification is not required to apply for a position as a childcare provider. Xavier will serve as a referral program and assumes no responsibility for payment or negligence on the part of the parents or babysitters. In order to participate in this program, all participants will be required to sign relesases and all potential babysitters must complete an application.

If you wish to apply as a babysitter please print out the application and turn it in to the Women?s Center at 1415 Dana Ave. If you have any questions please call (513) 745-3940.