Uncensored: Learn. Deliver. Produce.

This professional development series is dedicated to enhance the professional success of underrepresented students (i.e. women, LGBTQ, students of color). The series serves as a training ground that engages students with professionals who have achieved success in different fields. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are encouraged to apply for the 20 available slots. All accepted participants will need to submit online journals each workshop attended via our Canvas site.

The Offerings:

Road Trips

Taking road trips to for-profit and non-profit organizations students will become familiar with the day-to-day operations and participate in small volunteer projects. Partnering sites include Macy's Credit and Customer Service.

Diversity Reception

The reception is a networking event connecting students and alumni from diverse backgrounds and companies who embrace and support diversity.


Students accepted into Uncensored will get access to a number of workshops throughout the year. For example, there will be a personal branding workshop, two mock interview workshops and a resume building workshop. Besides these core skill building workshops students will also be able to talk with professionals about how to navigate diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

There is no set number of workshops students can attend however an accepted student will have to complete six journals to be uploaded to Canvas in order to receive an end of the year professional-related gift item. Each submitted journal will be reviewed by a member of the Career Development Office and the Multicultural, Gender & Women's Center and returned to the student with written feedback.

This program is co-sponsored by the Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center and the Career Development Office.

Questions? If you have questions about the professional development series, please contact Taj Smith via email or 513-745-3181 or Jonika Moore-Briggs via email or 513-745-3764.

Uncensored is brought to you by the generosity of Macy's Inc.