Promoting Research

The Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center is committed to furthering research centering on women, girls, and gender and exemplifies a deliberate commitment to supporting and advancing learning in the institution.  This area includes consultations with professors to enhance course content with regard to women, girls, and gender.  Furthermore, the Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center supports student research explorations of topics that center on women, girls, and/or gender through mentorship and the availability of grants to support student research presentations at national, regional, and local conferences.  In addition, the Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center pursues research that focuses on women, girls, and gender to establish the unit and the staff as equal partners in the academic community of scholars.  This initiative has been essential to garnering faculty partners in the pursuit of university, local, state, and national research and practice grants.

A significant research endeavor led by the Xavier University Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center is the Breen Lodge Oral History Project .  Breen Lodge, the first Women's Center at Xavier University, opened in 1970 to meet the needs of women students, faculty, and employees. The project is a partnership between the Women's Center and the Department of Social Work to conduct an oral history of Breen Lodge. Social work students are offered the opportunity to participate in the Breen Lodge Oral History Project as a course option under the collaborative leadership of the Women's Center Director and faculty members. An additional partnership was established when the Center for Teaching Excellence provided grant funds for the project.  The research project is designed to benefit multiple constituents. Students have an opportunity to implement a research project, which will enhance their understanding of course materials. Oral history participants will be provided a venue for sharing their stories with students, as well as a copy of the final product. Finally, the results will contribute to a body of knowledge about the women's movement at Xavier University and the institution's history.