ST: The Mentor Program

The peer mentor aspect of Smooth Transitions is a voluntary position held by sophomores, juniors or seniors. Each first year-student will be assigned to a mentor and mentee support group. There are 20 peer mentor positions available. A mentor meets one-on-one with each assigned mentee and helps to organize get-togethers for the mentee group like study hall, academic skill-building workshops and social activities. There is also one student coordinator role who will work with four Smooth Transition Core leaders and the center to provide input and help with the execution of the pre-orientation and year-long programming. Students interested in applying for the coordinator, core or mentor positions should use One-App to apply.

Responsibilities and requirements of mentors:

  1. Complete peer leader training in the Spring and a Smooth Transitions mentor training in late August. The ST Student Coordinator position and the four Core leaders will require additional training and meeting time.

  2. Demonstrate positive leadership capabilities both within and outside of the Xavier University community.

  3. Make the commitment to introduce and advise first year students to appropriate university resources and opportunities on the campus as the need arises.

  4. Demonstrate sensitivity and address issues of diversity with an open mind and logical judgment.

  5. Devise and support innovative ways to motivate students toward academic success.

  6. Required to meet 2-3 times during a semester to provide updates and informal progress reports to their mentees.

  7. Participate in all STP activities including other university events as required.