Mission & Vision

The mission of the center is to serve as an educational resource, rooted in inclusive excellence, that invites the entire campus to engage academically and socially with identity development, intersectionality, intergroup relations and justice in order to achieve a unifying consciousness for the common good at Xavier and the world at large.

We envision Xavier students, staff and faculty taking advantage of the rich diverse fabric of the university by embracing and grappling with issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice.

Engagement & Learning Outcomes

  • All students will practice critical reflection and develop an appreciation for cultural differences.
  • All students will develop cross-cultural communication competencies to promote intergroup engagement and global citizenship.
  • Underrepresented students will be able to identify campus resources (i.e. faculty, support staff and mentors) to help them transition into the university setting and gain a better sense of identity and self-confidence.
  • Underrepresented students will demonstrate a development of professional skills as evidenced by the ability to clearly articulate professional goals and to name two strategies for successful networking.