The Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center

The Multicultural, Gender, & Women's Center aligns research, resources and expertise to attract and retain diverse students, faculty and staff. The Center supports University constituents as they explore and articulate their own identities, as they engage difference to inform and form their own values and will prepare students to lead in an increasingly interconnected and complex world.

Leading Goals:

  1. Foster Learning and Community. Engaging gender and diversity is a catalyst of learning. The Center increases engagement of and across difference to promote understanding, challenge assumptions and increase interpersonal competencies.
  2. Institutionalize Partnerships with Under-Represented Student Populations. With a comprehensive mission, the Center is equipped to engage with a wide array of under-represented students. The Center empowers participants and serves as a vehicle to educate and celebrate culture and identity.
  3. Promote Intergroup Engagement. Bringing many student constituencies under one roof, while ensuring space for the development of particular affinity groups, the Center fosters engagement and relationship building across difference.
  4. Change the Campus Climate through Education and Training. Through campus programming, the Center increases  awareness of challenges we face and equip individuals and groups to change our campus (through engaging knowledge, attitudes and behaviors). The Center also proactively helps to surface problems so that we can proactively engage them.
  5. Engage Faculty, Inspire Research and Ensure Evidence-Based Action. The Center catalyzes and coordinates faculty research to inform and assess Xavier practices and policies that increase student success, diversity and equity.